The intense digital era for graphic designersImage

I believe that Yellow pages and local magazines may fade away in a couple of years. Have you ever wondered that how long are direct mail companies going to print flyers (junk mail) and stuff them in our mailboxes?

Maybe 5 to 10 years from now there won’t be any paper magazines but there will be a need for billboards, posters, flyers, signs, web ads, banners and postcards, product design, logos, t-shirt design and etc.

How long do you think business cards will exist? Do you think there will be an app to send and store all virtual business card in a click?

For Graphic designers that don’t want to go into coding and web design, there may be fewer opportunities to find jobs and not get laid off. There is always a need for Graphic Designers to create designs for clients and companies, but unfortunately it seems like recently most companies have become stingier and want two for the price of one! If you have recently checked the job postings they want combos: graphic designer +marketer, graphic designer+ receptionist, graphic designer+ web designer… graphic designer that must know all software’s created by mankind… senior graphic designer which we will pay half what he/she deserves after we went thru 3 interviews with 20 people…

As a designer try to stay up to date and grow your skills and mind with the changes. Yes the 21st century is terrifying. So many changes are rapidly happening around us. Just stay positive and up-to-date. Network with almost everyone- you never know where it may lead to.


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