How many fonts are too many?



There is a world of awesome fonts, a world that keeps expanding. Yes I know there are so many awesome fonts that you just want to use them all! But stop. We are professionals here.

The rule is that your font needs to relate to the context not your personal taste. In most cases the font needs to be legible more than fun and artistic.

You can use fun fonts up to a certain extent. Don’t over use artistic and funky text, if so the viewer will lose interest. Nowadays viewers are impatient- they want results fast. If a piece is hard to read or busy looking, they give up and move on.

Whatever you design don’t exceed 3 types of fonts. This counts even if you use one type of font and the variations it has. For example: using Arial, Arial Black, and Arial Rounded together or Arial, Century Gothic and Bell MT.

Your Layout can be a main source of visual interest other than the font.

If you have never heard about this amazing free sea of fonts, allow me to introduce you to:


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