Easy breezy Meditation Methods

xMany people get weird-ed out from the word “meditation”. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Don’t give up because it’s hard to focus and you get distracted. I found out some methods that are easy to do; and can be done in most places. Just take a 5 minute break from technology. I personally get bored focusing on my Chakras and breathing, so I discovered some alternatives:

  1. Sound meditation

Visualize various sounds like layers, don’t try to hear the exact noise but just differentiate how many layers there are, coming fr

You can do this method in your cubicle, outdoors, by the beach, boring party, while you are exercising and most places.om where and when you figure it out pay attention to which ones are closer and further away from you.

Some sounds are consistent

like the radio playing in the background and then telephones ringing and people chit chatting and walking by. If you can do this for 5 minutes a day it would make you feel more focused.

  1. Focus on something then blur it out

In this method you look at a candles flame, mug or a pencil (or whatever focal point) you want, then you try to think about nothing while you are staring at the focal point, until you see a blob or blur of the  object.

Try to do it for a couple minutes. The result is a feeling of peace and calm.

  1. Pause eating

What are you eating? What is the color, texture, smell, density and taste?

While you are chewing on something, pause and think about the flavor and texture. Chew thoughtfully and pause every few bites.

This will help you gain consciousness from doing routine activities on auto pilot.

  1. The language of gibberish

I do this in my car when I am stuck in traffic (when no one can hear me and label me insane…)

Look at the time and start making sounds and creating words that are nonexistent. You invent a language of your own and speak nonsense for 5 minutes out loud.

Do you feel like your stress mellowed out? I sure hope so!



One thought on “Easy breezy Meditation Methods

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