I am a Graphic designer. So what do you do? websites?

enhanced-buzz-9307-1375283008-17When asked: “what do you do?” I say “I am a Graphic designer.” Most of the times people have no idea what it means and pretend they do or they respond: “oh cool, so you do the websites…?!”

Um no, I don’t do the websites,the web designers do the websites, I do the artwork for the websites. I do not code. I am proficient in 6 softwares and don’t have the bonus skills of coding in 4 different coding softwares like some rare species out there.

I have noticed some employers post job descriptions that have nothing to do with what the job title. They want a receptionist/ graphic designer or  a graphic designer/ web designer…

Yes employers have become very stingy to pay you what you are worth and unfortunately there are a lot of desperate college students that will accept the minimum wage pay.

So so sorry to break it to you if you have a B of A and years of experience with no connections and a great portfolio, because 280 people have applied to the same job you have applied to and the HR lady’s neighbor’s boyfriend will get the job because it’s unfair and you don’t do websites.



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