Marketing tricks with color usage


The holiday’s are all associated with specific colors, themes and merchandise. These are all marketing gimmicks in order for retailers to sell more. Why do you have to wear red or green on Christmas, Orange and black on Halloween, Red and pink on Valentine’s Day and etc?

Some holidays were created by Hallmark in order to sell greeting cards. Like Father’s day, boss day, Mother’s day and … Now it is so part of our culture that if we don’t buy merchandise for these events, we will feel guilty and will seem like we are careless human beings. That is smart marketing my friends!

I believe we should buy things because we like them not because marketers make us think we need them! Girls don’t always have to be labeled by pink and boys by blue, poor green, yellow and purple.

I believe sport team colors, holidays and University mascots and colors are all methods of selling more merchandise.

Do you approve the way marketers control consumer’s wallets or you don’t mind?


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