Double check your LinkedIn profile picture

One of the post important parts of your LinkedIn profile is your head shot. Please don’t be the person that uses the mirror selfie, I just spent a lot on the wedding photographer so I’ll use the ‘just married’ pic, I’ll just crop myself out of the group photo cause I look hot or any other unprofessional random picture. 

Take this seriously, It’s like a mini visual resume. So if you can find a professional to take it for you great! If not here are a few tips:

  1. Is your picture too dark or blown out? The lighting is really important. The best light is indirect- like from a window. Avoid bright daylight and try to take your picture an hour or two before sunset so you wont get harsh shadows. Use a solid background. Meaning don’t use the Instagram photo of you in the club you went last night…

2. Make sure your photo looks like you. If you wear glasses have them on, if you have sunglasses take them off! Also, don’t get an extreme makeover done for the photoshoot where you look like another person. Don’t over Photoshop, the modeling agency has people for that.. 

3. Dress appropriately. Avoid tank tops, shirts with logos and funky distracting accessories and hats. Avoid wearing shiny, short, tight and low cut clothing. A Clean ironed button down shirt will work well if a suit is too formal for your profession. It’s best not to wear patterns and super colorful clothes that distracts the viewer.

4. No long-shots. The view doesn’t matter, we don’t need to know you have been to Rome in your LinkedIn profile. Head shots should fill the frame. Crop from a bit of negative space above your head and a little bit from under your shoulders. Medium Close Up (MCU) and Close Up (CU )are the winners:

5. No #squadgoals here please! Make sure you are the only one in the picture, leave your coworkers, puppy and your kid(s) pictures for Facebook.

6. Use a high quality picture. Pixels are not cool anymore- never mind they never were.

7. Is your picture recent? I mean its cool that you were class president in the 1960’s and rocked and afro but sadly you are semi bald now…so you can only use your old yearbook photo for #TBT 

Anything else I forgot to mention? Probably. Please feel free to comment and add on to the list.

Good luck fellow LinkedInners!


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