RIP Sam Simon


Samuel Michael “Sam” Simon (June 6, 1955 – March 8, 2015) was an American director, producer, writer, boxing manager and philanthropist.

In 1989 he developed the animated sitcom The Simpsons with Matt Groening andJames L. Brooks. Simon’s relationship with Groening was strained and he left the show in 1993, negotiating a pay-off which saw him receive tens of millions of dollars from the show’s revenue each year. The following year he co-created The George Carlin Show, before later working as a director on shows such as The Drew Carey Show. Simon won ninePrimetime Emmy Awards for his television work.

Simon turned to fields outside television in his later years. He regularly appeared on Howard Stern’s radio shows, managed boxer Lamon Brewster and helped guide him to the World Boxing Organization Heavyweight Championship in 2004 and was a regular poker player and six-time in the money finisher at the World Series of Poker. Simon ran the Sam Simon Foundation, which rescues and trains stray dogs and funded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel the MY Sam Simon, which was named after him. He had been married twice and was engaged at the time of his death.

Simon was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer in 2012 and given only three to six months to live. He donated much of his fortune to charity. He died on March 8, 2015.

Simon has been doing amazing things for animals for years. He’s been a vegetarian since age 19 and a vegan since 2005. An unabashed dog lover, in 2002, he began spending millions of dollars annually to establish and run the Sam Simon Foundation, a non-profit organization that saves the lives of dogs “to enrich the lives of people.”As of 2011, the Foundation was worth $23 million.

His devastating 2012 cancer diagnosis got Simon thinking seriously. He’s worth an incredible amount of money because of his “Simpsons” royalties, earning “tens of millions” annually. He’s not married and has no children. He has provided for the rest of his family. He decided it was time to kick his charitable work into high gear.

You can donate to his charity in support of animals at:
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3 Great Tools To Create Infographics

1. Visme (

Creates infographics, presentation, animations, ad banners, and custom layouts.
Insert and edit chart objects directly by changing the data values.
Large library of icons and images.
Embed YouTube videos directly into designs.
Special pricing for students & teachers.

The basic free version is limited.
Only 3 projects.
Must include the Visme logo.
Limited access to charts and infograph widgets.
JPG download is still in Beta, with a few bugs.

2) Canva (

Excellent (and short) intro tutorial to get you started, and many more on advanced concepts.
Templates for social media, blogs, presentations, posters, business cards, invitations, and more.
Easy and intuitive to use.
Large library of images to choose from.

No editable chart objects. You need to import your own data visualizations as images.
Have to pay for different image assets individually, instead of a monthly subscription.


3) (

Ability to create and edit great charts by changing data
Built-in Spreadsheet. Can also import your XLS, XLXS and CSV files
Widest variety of available chart types
Educational and Non-profit pricing plans available
Embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo in your design.

Only creates infographics and charts
Small selection of infographic templates
No image library, you must upload your own image assets
Download options require paid subscription
The White Label subscription service is the most expensive options of the group

Marsala is Pantone Color of the Year 2015

marsala ING-dry-marsala_sql marsala-390

Marsala comes from the color of Marsala wine, commonly used for making tiramisu.

Pantone described Marsala as a “naturally robust and earthy wine red,” and is also the color of fine chocolates, exotic spices, and the fragrant loam of the fertile Earth.

You have probably seen this color everywhere by now, the runway, red carpet, makeup products and etc.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is simply finding a need and filling

The customers should be the main focus of every business. In order to have a successful business focus on what the customer wants, not what is most convenient for you as a business owner.

It’s Easier to see what a customer needs and providing a solution instead of making a product that they may not care for and trying to sell it.

When marketing a product you need to figure out the 4 P’s:

  • Product (can be a service, item or idea)
  • Price (can be above, bellow or at market level)
  • Place
  • Promotion

Photoshop is 25 Years Old Today


Photofocus (old site)

Today makes 25 years with Adobe Photoshop…. quite a feat if you think about all the ways the tool has affected the media landscape.  From photographers and designers to architects and doctors, Photoshop has become synonymous with digital imaging.

Photoshop Icons Through the Years

I’ve been a Photoshop user since 1991… it’s amazing how much has changed in that time. Let’s take a look back at its history and some cool moments dug up from the archives.

In the Beginning

Photoshop began its life in 1987.  Thomas Knoll developed a pixel imaging program called Display.  This application was a simple application and could show grayscale images on a black-and-white monitor. If you’re too young to remember, color monitors didn’t really exist in widespread use at that time.

For a great interview with Thomas click here — some excerpts below.

“When I was in graduate school I was focusing on something called computer vision, which is the process of…

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11 Interesting Habits of Tech Geniuses

This infographic is creative, has useful information and has very unique illustration of the geniuses. Although the faces are very geometric, it is still obvious who they are.

Infographic via whoishostingthis.comeccentric-habits-870x8961 (1)

Creative and inspiring Anti-litter campaign

Creative and inspiring Anti-litter campaign in Toronto inspired by litter.

littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-1 littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-2 littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-3 littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-4

littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-5 littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-6