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You can create your own customized designs on Zazzle! It’s fun and there are many templates to work with as well as ready-made designs.

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Creative work spaces

Interesting Office Cubicle Decoration Comes with the Simple Design Wooden Desk

You spend most of your day¬†and week in your workspace, so it should not look or feel boring. You can be creative in some extent depending on your work area and position in your company. You can add a theme, personal touches and decor to your desk or cubicle (Note: PLEASE don’t go overboard, I don’t want to be responsible for your job’s future when your boss sees you at your desk in your Captain America costume :D) add a plant, inspirational quotes and a nice pen holder (note: not too nice, so if it somehow vanishes you would be outraged).

I personally love to celebrate every holiday with it’s fun decor, but my work place is very conservative – exempt for Christmas, which makes up for not having any other holiday celebrated. My solution? I put a few elements of each holiday on my desk; enough to make my management and me happy with it. So no live rabbits or hanging goblins..

Here are some inspirational work places to brighten up your day and hopefully make you want to add some zaz in your every day life:

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