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11 Interesting Habits of Tech Geniuses

This infographic is creative, has useful information and has very unique illustration of the geniuses. Although the faces are very geometric, it is still obvious who they are.

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2015 Design trends


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Amazing Typography Portraits

Words and letters can communicate in more creative ways. These portraits are amazing and I wanted to share them with you. I had to add the french fries because they are my favorite food! Enjoy!


MISCONCEPTIONS OF PHOTOSHOP- Can you just Photoshop it out?

 photoHere are some interesting stories I’ve heard and want to share with you. Please share your Photoshop horror stories with me!

Two Bitter Photoshop Stories:

  • Spent 3 hours Photo-shopping a dark blurry picture of Ex Boss’s baby in a messy kitchen background onto a white background, editing colors, removing shadows, drool and hair flyaway’s for his passport- result: “Never mind I guess I will have to take him to a photo studio after all…” Really? I already told you that before I slaved off knowing that the results will not be ‘Passport-friendly’. Sometimes you just need to do it so your boss won’t think you are unable or unwilling.
  • Client brought a printed image of two tango dancers in a street and wanted it to be to blown up into a 8f tx 5ft banner. I explained calmly and patiently why it won’t look good for ten minutes and asked for a better quality one, she looked extremely puzzled got mad at me and stormed out. 1. It wasn’t a digital file it was a faded print with water stains on it, creating a half watercolor effect  2. The photo was taken in direct sunlight, so half the picture was silhouette and half the image and background was blown out into white because of the light, making the figures half zombie half what-the-hell-is-that -glob? 3. The image was enlarged from a thumbnail, so it was already pixilated”. Need I say more?

Some Photoshop Facts and Tips:

  • “Photoshop” has the word “photo” in it so it is pixel based. Logos and text created in Photoshop will not look good when enlarged because they are not vector based. Want a logo? Use Illustrator.
  • Photoshop is not instant plastic surgery, but it helps a lot.
  • Photoshop is time consuming, so respect the editing time.
  • Photoshop has the power to make you look better or worse.
  • If a photo is not decent quality, there is a certain limit that Photoshop can improve it.
  • Photoshop is not magic but it is pretty awesome.
  • Don’t over edit photos into super perfect, specifically face wrinkles. Mellow out the wrinkles, if you remove them completely the person will look unnatural.
  • If a photo is shot right it will not need a lot of retouching just minor adjustments.
  • You can never stop improving your Photoshop skills. There is always more to learn.
  • Photoshop is fun and you can get very creative with it.
  • Always save your original file and your layered .PSD file.
  • Constantly save your work after you “Save as” by using Ctrl+s.

Ridiculous Photoshop requests and Sarcastic responses:

-He doesn’t like his glasses, can you Photoshop them off his face?

Um, I can spend an hour doing that, or he can take another picture without them so his face won’t look strange.

-Can you use the skinny filter and make me look 50 pounds thinner?

Sorry, there is no filter to shed pounds off, but I can spend hours fixing something you will still be unhappy with. Just embrace the way you look while posing better for the camera.

-Can you make my hair look straight?

Sorry, there is no flat iron feature, extreme free time or will for me to want to do that.

Freelancing is not free!

Freelance is not free

Freelance is not free

If you freelance you will know that it is truly stressful. The most obnoxious part of being a freelancer is that clients think it’s free! Even your friends do! Ok, so how am I suppossed to pay the bills? How would you like to work for free for a random stranger and MAYBE get paid IF they become successful or MAYBE get stock options if you work a significant amount..?!

Just because you chose the creative route to provide for yourself, it does not mean that you have to give unconditional freebies. If they have a tight budget that is not your problem, give a discount or do a trade but do not slave off because you are a very sweet person.

An exception is for it to be a gift to a friend or family member. For example, designing a couple’s wedding invitations instead of getting a blender from their registry.

It’s ridiculous how common these requests are becoming very ordinary for the average Joe. Someone I know (or knew), would just contact me when she wanted new Facebook profile pictures and I would take her portraits. But one day I was fed up and said I charge now and I can give you a friend and family discount. I haven’t seen her or heard from her in two in a half years!

If people genuinely love you and want you to succeed, they will make up for your time and efforts, not necessarily in a financial way. I assisted a Photographer friend’s photo shoot for a couple hours, in return I asked for free time at her studio as a trade. A win win for both!

I have made many free designs for non-profits and didn’t even get a thank you or credit for my work. My advice to you is making sure you get a tax write off from the organization or at least credit for your work to be used on your website and portfolio.

Learn from my mistakes, don’t make free designs for start-ups either – I never got a penny royalty from them even thought they sold a couple of my designs.